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Achyut menon


Managing Director of
Options executive search Pvt Ltd

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I am a career docere.
Yes, this is the Latin origin of the word ‘doctor’ which means teacher.
I provide a diagnosis for the maladies that might be afflicting a company’s hiring policies and help them find a cure either through consulting or recruiting.
I offer a diagnosis for an individual’s career angst/woes and help guide them on to a path of recovery.
I continuously study and research the way careers are shaped and built around the world in different economies and job markets, across industries. 

The strength is in building and solidifying relationships. The assurance is in the belief that there is a place for everyone – no one needs to be elbowed out. The faith is in collaborative thinking and execution.
I am on a journey to create WEALTH -Wellness in/through Employment And Lasting Trust in Human resources.

You are welcome to join the journey!

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