Sutra #3: There is nothing as constant as change.

Andreas Vetr, managing partner at ISG Personalberatung, is a network builder helping entrepreneurs to build their HR business around the world. He provides us with our third sutra.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am from Austria and lived and worked over 23 years outside Austria. build in different countries our HR business to support CCC – Clients who have HR needs, Candidates to choose the right career and Consultants to build their client basis. I do this in many different cultures and markets. I have fun and learn every day – I am a HR game changer! Family man – wife, son, dog, cat, bird, nature… households in more than one country looking froward to meet people of all walks of life and lifting each other up to our next level.

What are your most recent accomplishments?

NPA surely gives me a great network and community which enables me to work even in countries which I am not yet established. We get wonderful relationships through NPA – I meat Ak Menon through NPA, which is a very professional and meanwhile more and more personal very valuable relationship where we learn, grow and develop each other on eye level.

How have you been keeping busy through COVID-19 and the pandemic?

  • The people I am close to are, next to my family and relatives, our CCC (Clients, Candidates and Consultants)

  • In this period of time, we are not talking about how to make more business but try to understand what we need, how to support and lift each other.

  • Often it is just an ear one needs to be heard, some are now growing, some are really suffering. it is important to be with people you value when the situation is uncertain, unclear, insecure, fearful…

  • I experienced with some of my clients situations that they avoid me because they maybe fear that I want something from them, that shows me on what level I am with my clients. They should know that I am not behind their money but their well being – so I know I have to build the relationships stronger. some share and know that I am just next to them whatever situation they are in – if they have something or not – we are there – no matter if there is business or not — sure we need to earn money but not if we can not help them to make some – it has to be a win win. so money is not in the forefront at the moment. we have to survive before we can win – first is survival second is win. so now it is humanism and supporting each other – when people can do that no matter what one can get at the moment – in a long run everything returns.

  • So I try to understand on what level I stay with whom.

How do you see the world changing? What kinds of trends do you foresee, and how are you preparing for them?

  • Our consultant base is growing and we can get many good consultants right now who consider to secure them self by taking matters in their own hands how? – we have a consultant entrepreneur platform with ISG and support people in setting up their Franchise like partnership with our brand, Candidate and Client base which is huge in over 38 countries. Therefore we are quite busy on the consultant growth basis.

  • Employment will change – we see it since many years and it just got a sudden momentum. there are new 7 competencies for leaders and employees in this new digital and virtual world which were defined 3 years ago – they just suddenly hit everyone and the situation sorts out the people who do not value, posses or learn them – one of them is obvious to everyone – virtual world – so a manager who does not know and is reluctant to this is out of business by exactly now. and so there are a couple of others as well which we teach in seminars, implement in our recruitment strategies and questionnaires, to our competency questions and tests…

  • We all know that truth “there is nothing as constant as change” so if we are not agile and flexible on adopting and change we will become extinct – or at least our workplace will. 🙂 🙁

What advice do you have for job-seekers who are looking to build their careers?

  • find a need and fill the need

  • do what you are passionate and good (talented) at

  • Confucius said – do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

What’s your advice for HR managers and business leaders?

  • HR Managers will increase in importance but more and more become external advisors so we will see professionals specializing on a field and come in when their specialty is needed

  • Companies like ours will support companies as we have a pool of consultants with many different specialties – they will come to the company for a temporary time and support the team deterministically – work on projects and impact the teams.

  • Business leaders will look out for what is strategically needed now, get the best people from all over the world and implement the best strategy. There will be no standard models or “one fits for all” solutions when it comes to solutions with impact. Modular systems are out. Tailor made is coming – individual solution, situational and flexible processes which have no room for strict and un-bendable processes. the entrepreneurs which can adopt will win, the inflexible will lose.

  • The “but” generation is “out” the “lets do it anyway” generation is “in” because they do versus discussing everything with no ends.

  • Navigating through the crisis is a virtual workshop which we give and held recently frequently. it is very popular at the moment – so that fills me with hope that we will prevail, because there are many people going in the right direction.

Do you have any tips/tricks/skills for other recruiters to learn during this time?

I see that many recruiters are waiting. Waiting is the only thing which will bring you exactly nothing. We have had our business developers like myself at 4-7 meetings a day before the crisis. we went there in person to see what they need and help them to get what they look for. Now, instead of waiting – what do you think do the most successful of our recruiters and BD’s do? – yes they make 10 – 14 virtual meetings a day and look what the CCC needs. that shows me worldwide that the ones who are actively with CCC are wining and the others will have to wait what is left. After the lions, who hunted the tier and got a fresh meal are gone, one can not expect that much is left. Can they?

So there are not tricks, no skills what you do not have my personal tip comes from one of my Mentors – Jim Rohn who hada formula for success which is as valued today as it was in his time his formula for success was as simple as this:

  • talk to a lots of people every day

  • be real nice

  • give good service

Any good examples/best practices you’d like to share?

I do actually give and share my thoughts and the thoughts of our 700 Consultants worldwide every day in our webinars, virtual workshops, talks and videos – so contact me with your interests and I will try to get you the material you are interested in.