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Achyut menon

Hi I'm Achyut Menon

A career coach, executive search specialist for β€œreturning Indian”, & global recruiting expert.

I am also Listed by SHRM India amongst the Top HR Influencers using social media 4 times since 2013

“Achyut Menon is a seasoned, well established professional and service provider for NRIs living abroad in India. He has in-depth knowledge about the Indian job market and capable of placing job seekers in the right position.”

Dhamo Srinivasan (Operations Executive and Turnaround Specialist)

Future proof your career

5 Powerful lessons for free β†’

πŸ’‘ Lesson 01.

7 important career skills

Career insights that will make you job-ready in 2021

πŸ’‘ Lesson 02.

Practical tips to prepare for job interview

Job hunting tips that will help you in preparing your stance to face the interview board room.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 03.

Opportunities in the global job market

Insights on global job opportunities

πŸ’‘ Lesson 04.

The secret to growing your career faster

Why finding the right career coach is equally important and hard? And, how to deal with this?

πŸ’‘ Lesson 05.

Resume writing tips

I will share eight actionable steps on how to write a resume without an error.

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Get a consultation with me

Get advice from an industry-expert of 30 long years.

I met Achyut during my tenure at Microsoft. His knowledge of Recruiting and passion to share what he knows was quite endearing and extremely helpful to me.”

Jim Stroud (Author of 5 HR related books)

Find job opportunities & get career guidance from an industry expert of 30 long years.

πŸ’‘ Future-Proof Your Career