Executive recruiter jobs tips with Carola chard Sutra #7:

Executive recruiter jobs

Executive recruiter jobs , Our seventh sutra comes from Carola Chard, the Founder and Managing Director of CMCC Ltd. Executive Search.

Executive recruiter jobs

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a German of origin and hold a degree in design from the commercial College for Design in Essen, Germany, and a Diploma in Garment Engineering from the FH Niederrhein, Monchengladbach. My career in the Fashion Industry brought me to Asia in 1979. My expertise spans technical product management, manufacturing plant set up and operations, establishing and managing of buying offices as well as leading teams in merchandising and product line development. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, I held senior corporate positions in international companies throughout the Asia Pacific region. In 2009, I founded CMCC Ltd, Creative Management and Career Consultants, which provides customized executive search consulting and career management solutions to clients.

Some recent accomplishments ( NPA Board –and the exposure that gave to you).

Working as a volunteer with our NPA Global network and organised the 2019 Asia conference in Hong Kong as the Area Leader for Hong Kong, a post I held for past 2 years. Since MArch 2020 I am the Director Asia, Territory spans from India to Japan and we have about 75 members.

The last couple of months has been almost unprecedented. Am sure everybody here would love to know the ground situation in your country, and what has kept you busy in the period?

Trying to stay healthy and positive and keep upgrading my skills with on-line seminars and networking events.

Given that you are a global player now, how do you see the world-changing, and specifically – so as regards, work, workplace, workforce? What kind of trends do you see, and thoughts on how are you preparing for the same.

It is undeniable to see that we have a global interconnectedness, however, because of virus fears and economic factors we may see some more insular policies applied. Manufacturing and supply chains will be re-designed to minimize risks of disruption, so closer to home for critical merchandise. Workplaces will definitely change, and more business will continue to rely on technology and reduce travel.

What advice for job-seekers would you like to share for professionals, who are looking to build their careers?

Be prepared to adapt, learn new skills, and change according to circumstances.

Am sure we have some HR Managers and Business leaders too –who may want to know the future of work is likely to be about. What’s your advice to them?

I wish I knew…nobody has all the answers. Working with recruiters as a business partner is a valuable tool in these times, as we can not only recruit for the organisation, but also provide value add market information, and take on members of the team which may lose their job due to restructuring / downsizing with career consulting and outplacement services, freeing up the HR team to deal with important internal work.

You have been a thought-leader and writing for many global publications from the past few years. So I can’t resist checking if you have any tips/tricks/skills to learn during this time – for other (recruiters) who are listening to us.

I learned that quality service and speed to market are important, and so a global network of trusted recruiters like I have found with NPA is especially valuable in changing and volatile market situations, we can act faster and offer local expertise to our clients in multiple markets with a one-stop contact point.

Any other good examples/best practices you would like to share? 

Expand beyond your own comfort zone and keep learning fresh skills. These tips for Executive recruiter jobs will definitely help you.

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