A Guide to future-proof your career.

– Companies will be more digital, data driven, and in the cloud. 

– Have more variable cost structures, agile operations and automation; and create stronger capabilities in e-commerce and security.

It’s time to reset for a new mindset.  

Topics covered

The Future of Work

Where are the Jobs?


What Skills are Going to be in Demand

Free Guide to future-proof your career

About the author

I am a career docere.

Yes, this is the Latin origin of the word ‘doctor’ which means teacher.

I provide a diagnosis for the maladies that might be afflicting a company’s hiring policies and help them find a cure either through consulting or recruiting.

Achyut Menon

Readers say

Anyone who wants to level up their career, this this is the resource that you need to look for.

Rajeev Paul

I’ve been helped immensely by reading this eBook. It really helped me to get a clarity about the future skills that will impact on my professional career.

Martha Hoax

Covid has caught all of us –across the world, napping.

While none of us have been prepared for the eventuality, what is interesting is that companies too have responded –not so uniformly –across the world!

About 60% of companies have been in SURVIVE mode. Taking care of the wellness and hygiene of their employees, and immediately thinking of cutting costs.

30% of companies –have got into a REVIVE mode and have been changing to adapt to the #newnormal.

Only 10% of companies have been in the THRIVE mode-focussing on redesigning the #futureofwork.


So it is is anybody’s guess that jobs will get re-architectured and re-configured to stay in sync with the resetting of the world

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