Sutra #2: LinkedIn is your second impression.

Our second sutra is from Gabriella Turmelle, Career Specialist.

Gabrielle Turmelle, MBA is a resume writer, career specialist, and creator of the 14-day LinkedIn Mastery For Jobs Seekers program. She helps job seekers build their LinkedIn presence so they can get in front of recruiters, impress hiring managers, and land the perfect job for them. Gabrielle serves recent graduates to senior leaders across all industries, and she would love to help you upgrade your career!


What are your most recent accomplishments?

Speaker for Career Launch 2020

How have you been keeping busy through COVID-19 and the pandemic?

COVID-19 has changed my community in the most difficult ways. We’ve been in quarantine for the past couple of months. The bulk of what’s kept me busy is my work as a resume writer and career coach.

How do you see the world changing? What kinds of trends do you foresee, and how are you preparing for them?

As the world continues to move to the online space, and we reach closer and closer to recession-level numbers in the world, we must prepare job seekers for a changing career landscape. The language used by job seekers must change to being solution-oriented and to be ready and willing to hit the ground running in their new organizations.

What advice do you have for job-seekers who are looking to build their careers?

Always use language on your resume and in the interview that shows you’re thinking about the needs of the organization – even before you get the job!

What’s your advice for HR managers and business leaders?

As uncertain as the future can be, there are a few things we can expect on the horizon – the change of business strategy from long-term thinking to short-term thinking. My advice is to always think about what you can do today to benefit your organization and benefit your team.

Do you have any tips/tricks/skills for other recruiters to learn during this time?

My biggest and best tip to share: never forget about the mindset of the hiring manager. What does the hiring manager need right now? What can you bring to the table to assist the hiring manager – right now? How can you make their job easier as a job seeker?

Any good examples/best practices you’d like to share?

As a best practice for resumes, always lean on measurable accomplishments whenever possible. Show how you contribute to the ROI of an organization.

You can find the full interview here.