Sutra #6: Mental Health and Emotional Well Being are Tangible Assets of the Organisation

Our sixth sutra comes from Rajiv Dabhadkar, founder of the National Organisation for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS).

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the business you are in.

Advocating reforms to the H-1B &L visas, Mentor to Startups at Campus Incubators sponsored by the department of science and technology.

Some recent accomplishments ( NPA Board –and the exposure that gave to you).

KaramVeer Chakra for Social Justice.

The last couple of months has been almost unprecedented. Am sure everybody here would love to know the ground situation in your country, and what has kept you busy in the period?

Writing opinion columns and OpEd’s extensively, building a web product ground up, mentoring startups.

Given that you are a global player now, how do you see the world-changing, and specifically – so as regards, work, workplace, workforce? What kind of trends do you see, and how are you preparing for the same?

Corporations will be lean and minimalist with a focus on operating on reduced infrastructure expenses, startups will benefit tremendously, low wages will drive labour markets to the startup ecosystem, rapid rise in entrepreneurship.

What advice for job-seekers would you like to share for professionals, who are looking to build their careers?

Mobility and not stability is the trend requiring multiple skills basket and constant skills upgrade.

Am sure we have some HR Managers and Business leaders too –who may want to know the future of work is likely to be about. What’s your advice to them?

Mental health and emotional well being of employees are tangible assets of Organisations…and will be the focus of organisations.

You have been a thought-leader and writing for many global publications from the past few years. So I can’t resist checking if you have any tips/tricks/skills to learn during this time – for other (recruiters) who are listening to us.

Recruitment is a fast evolving process and the demand to fill open positions will only increase dramatically. Though organisations continue to be lean focus will remain on less retention.. therefore the holistic approach would drive the need to assess talents emotional intelligence and mental health.

Any other good examples/best practices you would like to share?

Mental health and emotional well being of employees are tangible assets of the organisations.