Sutra #4: Businesses will be more collaborative, not competitive.

Our fourth Sutra comes from Sarah Reyes, a Stratogem Deal Strategist and Avanti Partner.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Cross Industry recruitment, BPO, RPO, Outplacement services

Some recent accomplishments-We reached NPA platinum status in 2017 with 7 figure in billings.

The last couple of months has been almost unprecedented. Am sure everybody here would love to know the ground situation in your country, and what has kept you busy in the period?

We are busy adding more people in our payroll for our Amazon Services and sourcing splits w/ NPA partners. I’ve been reconnecting w/ people, social media posting and retooling myself w/ online learning.

Given that you are a global player now, how do you see the world-changing, and specifically – so as regards, work, workplace, workforce? What kind of trends do you see, and thoughts on how are you preparing for the same.

Definitely a low touch and low trust economy will emerge. I think/ feel that the world will be more virtual, travel is going to rebound but reinvent. AI will kick in earlier and we will be needing talent that is more creative, intuitive, empathetic and wisdom driven economy as machines will take most of our repetitive mundane work.

What advice for job-seekers would you like to share for professionals, who are looking to build their careers?

Constantly evolve and reinvent yourself. Keep learning, engaging and don’t be afraid to fail, but fail fast. When everyone is afraid like right now, be greedy (meaning time to get good deals out there). I’ve reinvented my career from owning a childcare centre to HR solutions to deal making. I also feel people need to write their own original story. Gone are the days when you have one path in life, go to Uni, get married, have kids pay your mortgage and collect your super then enjoy travelling. Make your story authentic….. a block buster. Be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. Trust the process.

I’m sure we have some HR Managers and Business leaders too –who may want to know the future of work is likely to be about. What’s your advice to them?

The future is AI, data driven and automation. As mentioned it’s happening now… so the people that will excel are the ones that have grit, wisdom, empathy, creativity and ones with authentic interesting stories to tell. We will be less conscious of brands and consuming but more saving our environment , not “title obsessed”, more purpose/mission driven.

You have been a thought-leader and writing for many global publications from the past few years. So I can’t resist checking if you have any tips/tricks/skills to learn during this time – for other (recruiters) who are listening to us.

Reinvent, connect, stay on top of the career trends. If everyone is going north, go south and do something different. Move your office in another county, branch out, restructure. See what works based on data and metrics.

Any other good examples/best practices you would like to share?

It’s the era of Mergers and acquisitions. Shouldn’t you be thinking of not going it alone?