The unwritten rule of 40

Would you believe it? “If a company is looking to cut people, those who earn Rs 40Lakhs pa and/or those above 40 yrs are more in danger. “*

Not surprising.

-“With more digitization and automation those who were primarily aggregators of information have been displaced by dashboards and tools
– In the midst of the digital revolution those who have not kept abreast of new tech and have no hard skills are finding it hard to justify their bulgy compensation.”

Something that was always a well-kept secret -since 2017-just got reinforced as I listened to Jessie Paul converse with Aadil Bandukwala and Kaushik Satish in a recent podcast. **

More than anything before, #covid19 has just made us more conscious of what is essential and what is not. Or if we perhaps zoom in, we find that those with ‘pre-existing conditions’ have been affected badly?

Planning #careers now means a re-look at #lifelonglearning.

Instead of the study-work-retire model we are used to, may we should look at a culture of continuous education? Maybe study -work-study-work….?

Should “workplace age” be the metric to assess how trendy your skillsets are?

Should we revisit the concept of #retirement in a non-industrial era?

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